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Our On-site Repair Service is applicable in HONG KONG and MACAU only。


Online repair booking is only applicable for specific large electrical appliances. Each repair order is only booked for ONE unit of electrical appliance.


If your appliance category is not on the form or you would like to book an air conditioner cleaning service, sighting/ installation service, please fill the information under the page of  Contact Us . Small electrical appliances (eg rice cooker, electric fan, free stand electric oven ) should be hand-carried to our  Customer Service Centre for service.


Customer is required to present Product Warranty Card together with the official purchase invoice issued by the dealers of Hong Kong or Macau to our technician for verification when warranty service is required, otherwise repair service will be on chargeable basis. You may find more details about the warranty repair service at our FAQ.


For the repair service charges after the warranty period, please click HERE for the details. 


**For Maintenance Service of Rasonic Gas Cooker or Water Heater, please contact Energy Trading Hong Kong Limited (Tel: 2667 6662).